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Ann Coulter, Conservatism and Political Orientation

Douche of the Day: It's Ann Coulter! ]
From djsyndrome.

One admirable characteristic of an ideal conservatist is that he/she would remain prudent and respectful of all facets of the society (or surroundings).  Conservative views are gradual rather than radical, because of this trait—conservatists realize that radical views often emphasize particular facets of the society at expense of many others which outweigh the emphasized.  Ann Coulter, along with many other “conservatists” in this country, fail these criteria—prudence and respect—and as such, they don't really deserve the label of conservatist.

In fact, their being labeled as conservatists by popular politics is an ironic comedy, sparked by the tendency to judge one's orientation not by one's fundamental stance like this but by one's takes on individual political topics.  I mean, OMG Eugene's a helpless liberal because he doesn't support Bush!  *rolls eyes*

/me is a self-identified moderate conservatist


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