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Ann Coulter, Conservatism and Political Orientation

Douche of the Day: It's Ann Coulter! ]
From djsyndrome.

One admirable characteristic of an ideal conservatist is that he/she would remain prudent and respectful of all facets of the society (or surroundings).  Conservative views are gradual rather than radical, because of this trait—conservatists realize that radical views often emphasize particular facets of the society at expense of many others which outweigh the emphasized.  Ann Coulter, along with many other “conservatists” in this country, fail these criteria—prudence and respect—and as such, they don't really deserve the label of conservatist.

In fact, their being labeled as conservatists by popular politics is an ironic comedy, sparked by the tendency to judge one's orientation not by one's fundamental stance like this but by one's takes on individual political topics.  I mean, OMG Eugene's a helpless liberal because he doesn't support Bush!  *rolls eyes*

/me is a self-identified moderate conservatist


Die.  Here.  Now.  XD

In modern US politics, there are no liberals or conservatives; just lunatic idealists banding together based on whatever they hate the most.
There was a time when her words hit the major news media. I'm glad that time seems to have gone. Now it looks like she's in self-destruct mode.

In this country the people on the extreme sides of the political spectrum make the most noise and thus get the most media coverage. If all you do is read CNN you'll get this idea that this country is in great chaos because of the massive disagreements in ideology. (The whole dumb Terri Schiavo thing, etc.)

Yes, there are people with saner sense of politics, and no, they don't get media exposure for the reason you said.  Unfortunately, the same media is how people (especially younger ones) get introduced to/educated on politics, and I have seen a growing number of people with misguided and warped sense of basic premises and methods of politics.  This is why I qualified: Popular politics.

Media sensationalism is ruining the future of this country.

BTW I read a lot of political material, from both mainstream and independent sources.  Assuming I read only CNN yet dare to comment about current politics would be an insult to me.  :)

I can respect that.

Despite being labeled as "hating american" by the "Stan"'s of the world, I've said in the past (if f**ktards would read instead of reading a Bill O'Riely transcript; not trying to implicate you at all) that my main problem with "conservatives"(a.k.a. The one's masquerading as such to get votes) today is not their morals-it's the lack of peaceful coexistence. Not only has Coulter shown her stripes as a prejudiced bitch in the past(including homophobic and racially prejudiced comments according to David Brock's book, Blinded By The Right), she's regularly commented and been taken at word despite inaccuracy after lie. If these so called "conservatives" are so quick to bust shots at Mike Moore, why not take any at this ignorant piece of work?That's like letting R. Kelly off the hook for child molestation and then prosecuting Michael Jackson because you're not a fan of Kelly's music...=p