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Logic and Rationality

… Are as good as their premises.

Logical and rational decisions based upon deluded premises are equally deluded.  GIGO.


Wouldn't deluded premises be somewhat subjective since you're observing one's decision and marking the premise delusional based on your own values?

I mean getting down to basics it's not difficult to tell right from wrong, but if deluded premises were supported by logic & rationale there'd have to be some kind of gain..

I guess this is where politics & business come in p.p...or any other personal gain

All I'm saying is GIGO.  There seems to be this belief that the conclusion will always be sound if the deductive method is logical and rational.  Which is not the case.  GIGO.

I wasn't sure w/ what GIGO was, I thought it was 'get it or get out' but yea, garbage in garbage out p.p. Logical deduction...it's got its own path and works well with some, not others. Maybe giving an example would open them up to possibilities.

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