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Could Someone…

… Edit this Wikipedia article ] and add a missing yet highly desired comparison and/or link to McCarthyism ]?  I'd do it myself, but I'm unsure of my English ability to word the topic in a politically “neutral” manner….  *wink wink*


I'm not a fan of the Bush administration. That said, what do Bushism and McCarthyism have in common other than being of the form [surname]-ism?
Yeah, I understand the creepy ideological similarities, but mentioning that in that specific article seems like trying to invent a secondary definition for the word. It seems "Bushism" already means "George Bush's grammatical fuckups," without any regard to his actual behavior. (shrug)

This pattern frequently used in Wikipedia comes handy:

“<headword> can also mean…”

Oh, and we're not inventing a fresh new definition here either—Google for “bushism mccarthyism”.

“Communist!” and “Terrorist!”

Both as a tool to scare a disproportionate amount of unholy shit out of people (in order to pass a sneaky agenda).

They can't really portray the devil out of North Korea anyways, 'cause NK may actually do something to the US.

On the other hand….



Actually let me take that back.  North Korea can't do jackshit to the mainland US.  But Iraq can!!!1!1!11


… Oh yeah, </sarc>.  _-_;;

I'm curious as to how you would explain it. Because I'm fairly sure I'd be less politically neutral than you would.

You know I'm a zealot fanboy, :P.