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This Holiday Season's Gonna Be

…  The meatiest one I've had for a while.

Christmas Eve: Palace BBQ.

JC's Birthday (Yesterday): Palace BBQ, redux.

Today: Mandatory year-end visit to House of Prime Rib, with BJ, Cynan & Doreen.

Mmm, protein…!  XD


House of Prime Rib, where?
Pshhh... you can't call it meaty until you've gone to Espetus.

Dead serious. You NEED to go.
I smell "family" trip!



Damn my Sharks ticket plan having a game on the night I could be noshin' on premium Prime Rib, 'specially since I ain't ever been...

I've never been to Palace BBQ
Oh noes, now you will catch the colon cancer!
Plan on anything rare? XD