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Dell 3007WFP: 2560×1600 Native ]


Isn't that the one that comes with that Renegade monster with the 4 GPUs?

It makes the XBox look like a midget. =3
I want a wide screen LCD...
I'm scared to ask/find how expensive that is.

Dell 2405FPW: 1920×1200 (16:10), around $850-$900 these days.

I didn't adequately post my comment.

I meant I was scared to find out how much the screen was that you had linked to you in your post.

And I was just saying that I'd like a wide screen LCD, but yes, I'm aware that they are quite expensive.
Hot damn.

PS: how do you find a wallpaper for it?

Come to think of it, you know what's scary?  2560×1600 can fit 4 full 1024×768 windows on the same screen!

That's like, having 4 small laptop screens right in front of you, and more….