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PNG with Alpha = ♥

Yes, what the title says.  See my userpic.  :D

And yes, cropping = ♥ too.  XD


Hmm, who would this be…?  XD

BTW, all of these are from the same image file; just with different HTML background colors.  :D  Also, IE would totally miss the effect 'cause it doesn't support PNG alpha blending, unless your LJ layout has the custom HTML code that enables it in IE.


I could have made my site's design so much cooler if IE6 allowed PNG transparency. I've re-created a lot of the effects just by using GIFs, but it's not as "innovative" or space-saving.
actually, scratch the "space-saving." PNG-24a's are big.
PNGCRUSH owns you.
There is HTML that enables Alpha Transparency support? :O

Javascript, to be exact.

LJ layouts don't allow JavaScript, though. Unless you've embedded your lastn on your site...

I noticed (tried to do it to my own style, to no avail -_-).

LJ does seem to emit JS code in the print_head() core method or somewhere similar though….  I wonder if they'd add the support if someone came up with a patch.

I don't think it's worth the risk to them. If anyone seriously wants to use JavaScript on their site, they surely wouldn't mind embedding it into a hosted page of their own. It's a big liability thing...

The thing is, I don't really see any reason why someone would want PNG transparency disabled on their journal, so LJ can emit the Javascript code that does the trick (along with other script snippets they emit).

I know user-supplied Javascript is a security hazard.  But this way individual users don't even have to do anything.  See the point?

Who's James and why is he a kool (white, lol) azn ?

P.s. nice use of the -moz rules.