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WANTED: Three Criminals

Reposted for wider audience, from calmkakashi, the store manager:

Thanks for the concern guys. My ASM is doing better, she will be back at work in a few days. No major injuries, but mental trauma for sure. But she is tough; she will be fine.

as for the suspects:

Perp 1: African american female, mid 30s, 5' 5", 140-160 lbs, shapely
Perp 2: African american male, mid 40s, 6' 1", 250-260 lbs, baggy clothes and baseball cap
Perp 3: African american male, 16-17, 5' 10", 160-180 lbs, Ecko shirt, black cap with sticker still on, gold fronts with diamonds inset on the 'fangs'

Seemed like a normal family coming in for a late nite browse. 'mom' was the look out, young boy jumped over the counter to subdue monica, and big man started to take the cash. They took monica to the back, put her in the bathroom and grabbed some PSPs, PS2s, GBA micro on a lanyard, and a Logitech speaker set.

Anybody see someone selling these items out of a trunk with similar descriptions, let me know.

The robbery happened at a local game store (Hayward, CA if I remember correctly).  Any relevant information/tips would be greatly appreciated.

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