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I had decided to try Adobe Illustrator for a week 'cause I wasn't satisfied with CorelDRAW 10 being extremely flaky.  (BTW I've been a CorelDRAW user since 1993.)

I didn't like the test drive at all.  It felt too “foreign” for me.

Then, a couple of hours ago, I downloaded, installed and test-drove the new CorelDRAW X3 (full, 15-day trial version; can also print and save).

…  And as of right now, I'm a proud user of CorelDRAW X3.  No more nasty crashes every 20 minutes (or shorter if I do a lot of complex editing), this beast is rock-solid.  ♥

Plus, as of the first week of February, I shall become a proud registered user of CorelDRAW X3—after skipping two major versions, 11 and 12, I finally ordered one.  Got an upgrade discount too, since I have a previous version.  ♥


You know, it kinda fits that you're using something called X3


And Windows XP?  XD


All you need is to work on Pokemon XD with that now.