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Question on English-Japanese Transliteration

Which is a more common way to transliterate “Eugene” in katakana, ユジン or ユジーン?


I've only taken a few classes, but I'd say ユジーン. In English we put a definite emphasis on the "gene" part - English pronunciation sounds nothing like "yujin."
But according to Google (and, I guess, most Japanese people), the correct way to spell it is ユジン. Do a Google search for ユジーン eugene, and then ユジン eugene... a lot more pages for the latter.
the second. it's a long eee sound.
the second one~ ;3
Yujin sounds like a korean name.

유진 (YuJin) is in fact a common female name, but not exclusively female.

Personally, I think you should spell it ユジーーーーーーーーーン

Fo' realz, it would be awesome.