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Say Hi to PIU:Zero, Say OMGWTF to Chin2!

The song used in Chin2 ], 중화반점 (JungHwaBanJeom), is confirmed to be in the newest version of Pump It Up—PIU:Zero.

Teeheehee.  Do I see a comedy routine coming?  Good jiggens!  XD

More PIU:Zero goodness:

  • Song Selection: It seems they went back to the Extra's interface, which lets you change both the music channel and the game mode.

  • “Split Mode”: 1P and 2P can now choose different modes (i.e. difficulty).  Finally.  _-_

  • “Another” steps: Dammit Andamiro, really, stop raising the target….  As if some of the Crazy/Nightmare steps weren't already hard enough!  XP

  • “Easy Station”: Comparable to the beginner/novice modes of DDR/ITG.  With explanation about how to use the game interface.  About time, about time….  d=(-_-

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The question is, will they use the original, the "chin2" version (sped up), or some other mish mash of comedy?

Not the sped-up version, but the original.

You know what would be funny though?  If one of those unlockable “rewards” (which I think can be special mods, among others) did just that.  XD