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Inositol and Rockstar Energy Drink

Curious about Rockstar's ingredients, I went to rockstar69.com for the list, which said 25mg per 8oz (a typical “Double Strength” 16-oz can has 50mg).

Then I looked up inositol ] on Wikipedia, which said:

“Inositol has been found in double-blind studies to be an effective treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It is equal in effectiveness to SSRI's and is virtually free from side effects.”

Excited, I read on, then it said:

“It is used as a component of Rockstar energy drink. However, several studies show that it has no effect at all.”



Now explain what a double-blind study is, and I'll officially understand 100% of this post.

(Which I can't say about some of your entries D=)
A double blind study is a test in which both the people receiving the drug/placebo and the people recording the results do not know which is the drug and which is the placebo, so as to avoid biased reactions or implications on either side. Of course, one of the staff members knows which is the drug and which is not, but does not participate in the experiment.
The old placebo test.

Thank you :-).