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The ``five question'' thang.

Post a comment if you would like me to ask you five questions. Then post the answers on your journal, along with this line.

niq has asked me these five questions:

1. What's the story behind ayayayaya?

It's a random funny noise a clown in Cirque du Soleil: O makes whenever he makes some funny blunder or finds himself in a stupid trouble.  Example: (Opens a book upside-down) (tries to read the book) (scratches head) (flips the book and nods) (looks at the audience) (smiles sheepishly) Ayayayayaya.

2. Or kekekeke, for that matter.

It's another funny noise the same clown makes when he finds what he just did to be funny to himself as well.  Example: (Curls the front part of his baggy clown trousers around the waist into a stick shape) (grabs the bottom of the stick) (makes it nod up and down a couple of times) (looks at the audience) Kekekeke.

3. What kind of engineer are you, and what do you ACTUALLY do at work?

A software engineer.  I do some low-level embedded programming for a network equipment now.

4. I don't know many of your interests outside of some tech stuff and DDR. Is there a hobby or interest that people don't know about?

Perhaps musical composition is it.  I do say that I'm interested in it when someone asks what my hobby is, but I don't talk much about what I actually compose to other people, so a lot of them don't know about it (unless they have asked about my hobby before).

5. You didn't cut your hair, did you?

Sorry, I did. ;_;


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