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Eight backend Python scripts (approx. 1000 lines).

Four CGI scripts (approx. 700 lines).

Two DFA/NFA calculation engines in C++ (approx. 1600 lines).

Seven Makefiles (six GNU make and one BSD make).

Two Net-SNMP pass_persist helper scripts.

Proficiency in SNMP MIB definitions, including SNMP version 2 SMI and textual conventions (TCs).

Knowledge on Net-SNMP internals and API.

Knowledge on Cisco Guard and Arbor PeakFlow.

Detailed knowledge on Intel IXDP2400 hardware and Intel IXF1104 quad-port GigE chipset.

Operational knowledge on SPIRENT SmartWindow.

Seven documents, 90 pages total (excluding another 54 pages of machine-generated output).

Simple sysadmin experience on Debian Linux 3.1 (Sarge).

CVS internals.

Six CD-ROMs (three source CDs and three documentation CDs).

Glimpse of FedEx international air waybill.

And exhausted body and mind.

These conclude my FY2005.  Now please excuse me while I pass out.

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