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Faking someone's death is never a good idea for a joke in general.  (Even on April Fool's Day; DDR Freak has learned the lesson the hard way several years ago.)

A number of people that I know are outraged about being tricked into believing a certain close friend of theirs died in a horrible car accident along with his parents.  Although I don't personally relate to the one who supposedly “died” (and therefore I will not say I am outraged in any emotional manner), I wholeheartedly support their anger—it's a justified one.  Death is one of the last topics to take lightly.

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I sooo remember that a while ago abuot the DJ 8-Ball fake incident (?). Apparently, they decided to repeat something that would risk "killing" their reputation/respect to the people. Apparently, they succeded on their "death" on reputation.

And I do agree. Death is the one of the last things to even bring up for such Fake/Joke. After all, people only live once.
One of my friends actually had a few people manage to bullshit her for an extended amount of time (couple of years, I think) about the EXISTENCE of someone, and then recently claimed that this person had recently died. Then finally they admitted they had never really existed in the first place and all this weird-ass bullshit.

I was tempted to introduce them to my sports equipment collection: golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks, etc.... until I realized they were too sad to be worth the effort of swinging.
You're never online anymore, I thought you had died too =P
Ahh, I remember that 8ball fake-death thing. I guess I didn't take it too personally back then, but nowadays even I'm kinda sensitive towards that because of a very close call a friend of mine went through.
Yeah, it was retarded. -_-.
"Death is one of the last topics to be taken lightly."

And yet abrupt death is used SO MUCH in media - although things that might lead to death like cancer and AIDS and the like are so much more serious.

Good job Looney Tunes! You've made us all numb.
Baka / Malice.
Wow, the things I miss when I have to take time off from the boards. >.>

Thank goodness, it actually happened on ITG Freak.

WTF this happened AGAIN?

Didn't we have one of these not even a year ago?

Ugh, they're not amusing at all.
I still want to clock the guy that spread that rumor about baka. It was so not funny.