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MelOn = ♥

It's a Korean music service which lets you download unlimited number of songs for $4.50 per month.  Each song is a DCF (DRM Contents Format) file, which can be played:

  • On the downloading PC,
  • On one MP3 phone (such as SKY IM-72001) associated with the account, and
  • On one MP3 player (such as Cowon iAUDIO X51) associated with the account.

The DCF license expires in 4-5 weeks and must be extended/renewed periodically (without re-downloading the file); Melon Player, the client software, automates the batch renewal process, so it's not that much of a hassle.

I'm downloading the songs on this week's top 50 K-pop chart—all of them—right now, playing them on the computer at the same time.  ♥

1 I have both of them.  IM-7200 since March 2004; X5 since the last birthday.  ♥

P.S.  ATTN Sean: X5 firmware v2.10 official will be released real soon now.  The Korean version's already out there, which I downloaded and installed yesterday; it apparently works just fine on the American X5.  : )

Tags: dcf, drm, k-pop, melon, mp3, music

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