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Stolen from Alex on NAVER Blog:


  1. Name:

    Eugene M. Kim / 김민성.

  2. Birthdate:


  3. Bloodtype:

    O (Rh+).

  4. Zodiac sign:


  5. Height:


  6. Weight:


  7. Family members:

    Mom, dad, sis.

  8. Religion:

    None; Buddhism as a philosophy.

  9. Nicknames:


  10. Personality:

    You're gonna ask more about it later, so why bother now?


  1. Food:

    Seafood except for cooked fish; sushi; Korean cold noodle (냉면).

  2. Movies:

    Dead Poet's Society; Chicken Run; Modern Times; Wallace & Gromit.

  3. Books:

    Le Petit Prince; Cubase VST/32 User's Guide (huh?); CorelDRAW X3 User's Guide (wha?)

  4. Weather:

    Breezy, with the sky lightly overcast or hazy.

  5. Celebrity:

    Myself. (…;)

  6. Season:

    Cold and dry winter; early autumn.

  7. Day of week:


  8. TV show:


  9. Songs:

    Almost anything with a catchy yet harmonically complex melody.

  10. Color:

    Blue (figures, eh?)


  1. Weaknesses/insecurity:

    Can't pinpoint any.

  2. Welcome message on cellphone:

    “~ blue-kun ~”.

  3. Text messages per day:

    Usually none; up to 4-5 at times.


    (Skipped 'cause I'm gonna post this meme publicly.)

  5. Homepages/message boards/communities:

    NAVER Blog.

  6. Allowance per week:

    None; I haven't been a teenager for a long time.  XD

  7. Disappointed at myself when:

    … Not really, ever.

  8. Other contact info:

    (Skipped again.)

  9. Overall score out of 10:

    9.5. XD

Love and Relationship

  1. First love:

    Ji-Hye; spring '91.

  2. Current crush:

    No one.

  3. Currently seeing:

    No one.

  4. Perfect man/woman:

    Hard to define; at least someone who knows to love oneself before anything else (different from being selfish).

  5. Have fallen in love with:

    Two people so far.

  6. Love or friendship?


  7. Someone who loves me, or someone I love?

    Someone I love, provided there's a realistic (i.e. non-limerent) possibility of reciprocity.

  8. Want to see him/her when:

    … You're asking someone who's been burnt more than enough by LDRs….  -_-;

  9. Most important measure in choosing a date:

    Personality; particularly whether she's an independent and confident person.

  10. Love is:

    … You're an idiot for asking this.

Miscellaneous, Redux

  1. One unforgettable dream I had:

    None really, I tend to forget dreams easily.

  2. One pet peeve about girls/guys:

    Feminist hypocrites (note that I'm a moderate feminist myself).

  3. One person I respect:


  4. One restaurant/shop I frequent:


  5. One clothing brand I like:

    Brooks Brothers.

  6. One thing you would do for your GF/BF on one-year anniversary:

    A custom-recorded CD.

  7. One close friend:


  8. One serious lie I made:

    Told her I would get over with the relationship.

  9. One favorite hairdo:

    Whatever looks good; I'm not prescriptive about my style.

  10. One romantic confession:

    None (that I've ever made) / something that involves 7 FedEx shipments.  :)

Love and Relationship, Redux

  1. One good thing about seeing someone:

    Everything looks 986249581649 times more vivid.  :D

  2. One bad thing about seeing someone:

    Distracing, very much so.  XD

  3. Older, younger, or the same age?

    Doesn't matter.

  4. One present I'd want from him/her:

    Her leading a happy life.

  5. One present I'd give him/her:

    Pure faith (different from commitment, mind you).

  6. One thing I do when I develop a feeling for someone:

    Introspection (to see how sincere I am about this).

  7. My ideal relationship:

    First like a friend, then like a lover.  (Yes, I still believe in this principle, contrary to the popular “two-ladder” theory.)

  8. Difference between a prospective BF/GF and a prospective spouse:

    The latter is a subset of the former, with too many refining measures to comprehensively list here.  Two important measures, neverthless, would be confidence in oneself and understanding/habitualization of responsibility.

  9. One thing I want to say someone who loves me:

    Thank you, no, really….

  10. One song I want to share with the one I like:

    Back at One by Brian McKnight.


  1. Number of confessions I got:

    Five IIRC.

  2. Number of confessions I made:


  3. First time getting drunk:

    Senior year of college (couldn't drink much before because of a liver problem).

  4. One place special to me:

    Il-San Lake Park near Seoul.

  5. Occasion I cried the most:

    May 1989, when grandma passed away (it was the first time I saw someone close to me pass away).

  6. Most memorable trip:

    December 1991, Grand Canyon.

  7. Pager #:

    +82 12 6xx 0715 IIRC.

  8. Greatest consolation ever:

    I'm thankful that I have mom and sis, the two most faithful and earnest listeners ever in my life.

  9. Biggest argument ever:

    Can't seem to remember.

  10. Biggest regret ever:

    I used to be a selfish son.


  1. I like:

    Sleeping; piano-playing; physical exercise; photo trips.

  2. I hate:

    Getting behind schedule; irresponsibility; selfishness.

  3. I'm wearing:

    Baggy jeans; round short-sleeve shirt (“WIZARD IS ABOUT TO DIE; NEEDS FOOD BADLY” XD); basic underwears and socks; glasses.

  4. Mansion of dream:

    99-gan, tradional Korean house.

  5. Most precious possession:


  6. Motto:

    Listen a lot; think even more; say less.

  7. Frequently asked question:

    “Are you Chinese?” llorz

  8. I want:

    To be open about myself.

  9. Favorite feature on my face:

    Nose 'cause it's big.  XD

  10. Least favorite feature on my face:

    Fat in cheeks.  -_-))

Pick One

  1. Like or dislike smokers?


  2. Give up marrying someone if parents oppose?


  3. Open or closed about my past relationships?

    Open but passive (i.e. wouldn't talk about it unless asked).

  4. Rainy days or snowy days?

    Snowy days.

  5. Go back to being friends with exes or not?


  6. Satisfied with your gender or not?


  7. Cry or get angry when dumped?

    Get angry.

  8. Scared or fond of thunder?


  9. Rather give up good personality or good looks?

    Good looks.


  1. I want to become:

    An IP lawyer/consultant.

  2. I want to time-travel to:

    Several billions of years later; I wanna see the solar system lose its energy and become a place of darkness after the sun becomes a black dwarf.

  3. If I could become transparent for 24 hours, I would:

    Go boonga-boonga President Bush while he's jogging at his farm in Texas.

  4. Name to give my son/daughter:

    Something in native Korean.

  5. Foreign country where I wanna study:

    None particular.

  6. Plan for tomorrow:

    Complete this BGP thing I'm researching now.

  7. If given a chance to become a celebrity/star:

    Hm, why not?  It's worth trying!

  8. One question I want to add to this meme:

    Favorite genre of music.

  9. One goal for the next 5 years:

    To graduate from a decent law school.

Okay, off to MGL.  : )

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