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Quote of the Day

Spotted on a neighbor Xanga:

On another note, Sunny, my roommate, who is Taiwanese, once had to answer the same question (Eugene's note: That is, “Are you of Chinese descent?”). The other person's response was...

Unedumacated Being: Oh, Taiwan! I LOVE THAI FOOD!

Nuff said, baby.

Taiwan… Thai… Please excuse me while I suffer asthma from an unhealthy amount of laughter….

P.S.  Now I just wish some idiot told me: Oh wow, you're Korean!  Can you teach me how to make good curry??  ^^  _-_;;



*goes to all maps & scribbles in Thaiwan*
This is the reason why every other country hates America.
Wait... You're Korean? I love Pho.
I had a friend who was going to Taiwan. I said "Oh, I wish I could go to Taiwan. The only time I've really been to that side of the hemisphere was when I went to Hong Kong." He then said "Uh...Taiwan and Hong Kong aren't the same place..."

He didn't realize that I KNEW that and wasn't ignorant XD