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Fuck, this is crazy; there has to be something wrong or fishy going on here.

My March PG&E bill, which covers 32 days (from 2006-2-10 through 2006-3-13), says this house has used over two thousand kilowatt-hours (2380kWh to be precise) of electricity—fucking 3.1kW on the average.  I got billed over $650 just for electricity.

What's even funnier: This house is notorious for its arcane internal wiring, which can barely handle 15A/1725W per room.  3100W means two out of three rooms in this house maxed out the capacity almost 24/7.

At this point, I'm even considering the possibility of some neighbor stealing electricity from this house.

Edit: While researching on energy theft, I found this one “innovative” theft scheme (quoted from http://www.metering.com/archive/001/p17_1.htm): He wound half a mile of copper cable around his garage, creating a giant induction coil capable of powering most of his home appliances.



I hoped that had been the case too, so I double-checked the reading, but no, it looked fine.  _-_

We should try that trick on Tesla. Make him spin in his grave and arc the electricity out to happy customers everywhere!
“We had heard what they were up to, and it all sounded very American to us."




Even with all my computers in my house, my PG&E bill is nothing close to that. My normal bill is atleast a third of that.
I've heard of crazy billing errors like that before, try calling up "7 On Your Side."