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Fuck, this is crazy; there has to be something wrong or fishy going on here.

My March PG&E bill, which covers 32 days (from 2006-2-10 through 2006-3-13), says this house has used over two thousand kilowatt-hours (2380kWh to be precise) of electricity—fucking 3.1kW on the average.  I got billed over $650 just for electricity.

What's even funnier: This house is notorious for its arcane internal wiring, which can barely handle 15A/1725W per room.  3100W means two out of three rooms in this house maxed out the capacity almost 24/7.

At this point, I'm even considering the possibility of some neighbor stealing electricity from this house.

Edit: While researching on energy theft, I found this one “innovative” theft scheme (quoted from He wound half a mile of copper cable around his garage, creating a giant induction coil capable of powering most of his home appliances.


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