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Yesterday, walking down the heart of Abgujeong-dong, I saw a nail boutique named:

ORLY Nail Shop

Pictures will follow later.


Don't know about where you are from, but every city I have lived in the last few months has had a nail shop or two get busted for prostitution. At least one of those raids proved unfruitful.


… XD

There's a city in France called Orly. It's where New Orleans comes from. Robin also informs me that there's a nail polish with the name.

And both of us are sure it all predates the silly Internet "orly" meme.
I have penny stock spam that I'm not deleting, because it's "ORLY O'Reilly Automotive" XD
I'm reading "The World is Flat" and the guy has a daughter named "Orly."

I tell you, it is so hard to read the parts when he mentions her.
: (


If ORLY had an ad campaign based on pirates, would it be called YARLY?


Wow. I dare you to go get your nails done there.