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One of the Greatest Fruits of This Past Vacation

… is that the song for the upcoming PAINARK single has been successfully recorded.  : )

I asked about five different people for the impression they got after listening to the song, and it looked like the song disseminated a more or less consistent impression, which made me glad 'cause it was the same as what I intended to portray when I composed the original version more than a decade ago.  I won't go into what that impression or intention was, 'cause that'd only bias and spoil your listening experience later.  ; )

Special thanks go to (I put these here 'cause they probably won't fit on the CD liner):

  • Kang “Me” for creating that masterpiece “In the Starlight,” without which this song wouldn't have existed at all,

  • Y for helping me feel at home in that cramped recording room and providing valuable feedback for the rough mix, and

  • J for becoming the final inspiration, like a trigger, which guided me materialize “the right feel” on the keyboard.

Tags: music, painark, piano

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