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*plays Radetsky March*

Mad Maestro = ♡


I think I played that game for like 2 days. I unlocked everything and got bored :O It was worth the $10, haha.

Yup, it was a pretty easy game, but I like it even more because of it: I can actually enjoy the music, and even the silly background animation, while playing.  XD

Oh, and I haven't gotten bored of this game so far, because of this quirky replay value I've found: When I turn up the speaker volume so I can discern all 6 sound levels, I can actually sort of “improvise” by accenting certain passages of music, like a crescendo over 2 greens followed by 2 reds where I'd try to hit sound levels 3-4-5-6.  This adds a lot of challenge to the game.  XD

You got tagged. See my latest entry for details.
Mad Maestro is definitely not worth more than $10. I picked it up for $5 at a Circuit City sale and unlocked everything pretty quickly. The pressure sensitive controls may have sounded like a good idea, but in practice it was sometimes very annoying.

And that fairy was a little weird =O

Agreed it was annoying sometimes, but in the end I just got used to it.

Not just the fairy, the entire conversation among people was very uhh, Japanese so to say.  I wish they had allowed for more flexibility/creativity when porting the game into English.  I mean, look at Katamari Damacy.  XD

hey blue, can we meet up monday night?

<tone type='game/poker'>Call.</tone>