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Mission:RS Failed

As a result, pink.the-7.net is in an indefinite limbo, helplessly waiting for an operator's attention.

RS stands for Rocket Science. -_-


It's colocated in San Diego, right?
Man. It's already annoying enough prying myself out for the ten-minute drive to the colo here where my box is. I'd feel totally helpless if my box was much further away.

The one in San Diego is purple.the-7.net; pink.the-7.net is in… *drum rolls* Seoul, Korea.


Ouch. Though I suppose the likelihood of you hopping on a plane is about the same as of you hopping in your car and driving 8 hours at this point.
purple is still used mostly for the KR users right? I remember finding some PIU sites in Korean that end up going back to the-7.

Yeah, it hosts two music-game-related Korean websites, euro-para.net and ddrstreet.net.

there's no one you know at the facility ("smart hands") that would give it a nudge?
or is the extent of the attention necessary something that would cost the hundreds of $$$$ in a heartbeat?
The server's in my friend's apartment (hooray for Kolea's fiber-optic internet services), and he apparently isn't gonna be there for a while. _-_
I want Fiber :(.

He went on vacation somewhere?