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(13:27:08) jcofrtf: i have it...it's really called "02202002"
(13:27:15) astralblue: LOL
(13:27:22) jcofrtf: it was done by the tokyo philharmonic...
(13:27:22) astralblue: 0220 + 2002 = 2222
(13:27:23) jcofrtf: i'm serious!
(13:27:31) astralblue: Kekeke
(13:27:39) jcofrtf: also, it was recorded on 02/20/2002
(13:27:44) astralblue: Figures XD
(13:27:55) astralblue: (... pun not intended XDDD)
(13:27:59) jcofrtf: HAHAHA


In a similar stroke of brilliance, I do believe Final Fantasy: More Friends opened on 05/20/2005.

In a completely irreverent stroke of something other than brilliance, the newest album is apparently titled "He Poos Clouds". I haven't listened to it yet but it's supposed to be good. >.>
Actually, it was 5/16/2005.