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Never have I been able to hear the harddrive noise before, out of my black desktop.  Yes, I'm loving this Reserator.  :D

Onto searching for a fanless power supply unit….

P.S.  ATTN captaincanada and azhp: Check “the tavern.”


My first thought was "can't you just open the one you have and attach tubing to hot points?"

I realize it's kind of silly, but you still could. :)

Also, I can't normally hear harddrive noise, even when the drive is sitting on top of the case. I really like how they switched to fluid bearings. ^^
I can hear my hard drive sometimes over my amazingly loud fan.

...I think it's time to back up my data. :|
I always wondered why people don't just stick their towers in a freezer and do away with the noise and keep their PCs cool. Sure, the wires would have to be extended, but you know...no heat.

Alright, it's a dumb idea.