The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean


It's only Saturday 9:10am, yet I'm already tired.  Need more Umph®….  x_x

Did anyone see me and JC performing yesterday on Stage Zero?  We'll be back on Sunday, doing Stage Zero first (hopefully), then the Masquerade intermission.  Or if JC's lucky enough to get back early, tonight too; he's out on a kayaking trip for the day.

♥ goes to mr_wendell for hosting Stage Zero.  BTW, it's a stage with a black backdrop, located in the concourse, near the same spot SEGV performed last year.

Oh yeah, the SEGV/Lite project this year is codenamed Luno, which is a short for “el uno,” the Spanish for “the one.”


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