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DeLorme's “Priority” Discount Code = Ripoff Code

“Blue Logger” Bluetooth GPS with Street Atlas 2006:

  • $149.95 at its regular price,
  • $199.95 at its discount price with the priority code <withheld>, fresh from my inbox.

Way to screw up loyal customers, DeLorme.  Please accept my sincere t(-_-t).

2006-05-30 13:26 Update: DeLorme apparently fixed the pricing and now the discount price is $119.95 as it is supposed to be (20% off).  But I still can see 9537692874 angered customers who have been charged $199.95 because they were so loyal they ordered the GPS first thing in the morning—hell, I was so close to clicking “Submit Order,” when I decided I'd check the regular price just for kicks.


What happens if you point this out to them?
Dunno 'cause I didn't even bother. _-_

See the update above; I think DeLorme would probably apply the correct discount if the customervictim appealed.  But I'm not sure how many victims would actually know they had been overcharged in the first place; they surely would not if all they did was to follow the link in the email, which had the priority code embedded in it and would show only the “discounted” price and not the original price.