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Stolen from darksakura


Please stop SUCKING.

Not love,


/me's internet just recovered from a full 24-hour outage


The monkeys that run IT at my office can't seem to accomplish AP uptime longer than one hour anymore. The only reason I'm running on wireless is because they have draconian/stupid firewall management, and when I requested VPN access to my home office and the Department of Public Safety, I got DPS access but not the other, and after repeated attempts to get them to fix it, I just gave up and switched to the non-firewalled AP.

Which was stable until last week.

I call their firewall management "draconian/stupid" because they have pretty much every outbound port blocked (no SSH for you!), and when one of the visiting geneticists was having issues trying to connect to her Mac Server back in her office, they just up and turned the firewall off for a day. No DMZ or anything. God, what retards.
So that's where you disappeared too.
I don't know what it's been, but my connection has been crap all week, and it was out for a bit yesterday. Always happens in the summer. It took me fifteen minutes to post an image on Deviant Art.
that is one cute letter.

awwww! XD!