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Kibi, mebi, gibi, tebi…? ]



My head is spinning...

No, they're prefixes just like “kilo,” “mega” and so on.

1024 bytes = 1 kibibyte (KiB)
1000 bytes = 1 kilobyte (KB)

I know. It's the fact that no one abides by that ( calls bits by a capital B, and bytes by a b ), and also the translations of 1000 vs 1024.
It's enough to make someone who isn't particularily math savvy to retch :P.

Not to even mention, if I ask any customer if they'd prefer us to display their usage in Gibibytes, they'd stare at me blankly, and ask what a Gibibyte is.
The binary prefixes are totally unheard of outside of the tech world.

And I'm tired, so I'm going to go sleep before I rant and spout off unnecessarily.

Frankly, this type of confusion just leads to another Mars orbiter going MIA ].  I'd rather put a footnote explaining the new units than risk my technical document being mis{understood,implemented,used}.

They're actually quite useful in many cases (for example, 1 second of CD-quality audio samples = 176400 bytes = 176.4 kilobytes ≠ 176.4 kibibytes), but yes, they do sound funny.  XD

(Trivia of the day: HTML character entity “≠” = not equal = “≠”)

Ooooh, a new fun html entity to play with.
*mental note*