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“Watch, We Are Here For You”

Photograph courtesy of Hankyeoreh Shinmun

HAMBURG, Germany (AP) -- While the vanquished Costa Ricans hung their heads in bewilderment, Ivan Kaviedes pulled a Spiderman mask from his shorts -- in Ecuador's team color of yellow, of course -- stretched it over his head and ran around like a schoolboy.

If anyone deserved to celebrate, he did, after scoring two minutes into injury time and putting an exclamation point on a 3-0 victory that put Ecuador in the second round of the World Cup for the first time.

His masked-man stunt was a tribute to Otilino Tenorio, a teammate killed in a May 2005 car crash in Ecuador, just three days after he played for his country in an exhibition game at New Jersey's Giants Stadium.

"He is a partner, a friend, a brother who was with us and is a part of us," Kaviedes said. "He was with us a long, long time, and he transferred to us this joy that was very contagious."

Tenorio, whose nickname was "Spiderman," used to pull the mask from his shorts during his goal celebrations.

"We had a feeling that he was present with us," Carlos Tenorio, who is not related, said through a translator.

―, “Tricolor treat: Ecuador makes team history in 3-0 rout of Costa Rica”

Best goal celebration of this World Cup.  Their sealing the way to the second round was probably a blessing from heaven after all.