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Laptop + Bootable USB Hard Disk = ♥

The subject says it all.  I just installed FreeBSD on a leftover harddrive from a previous work laptop converted to an external 2.5-inch drive.  Which means: No power cable's necessary either; it's a go just with a USB cable.

The performance is much better than I thought, almost the same as the speed of an internal harddrive.  I'm lovin' it!  ^^

Next project: Make another external harddrive (I have a bunch of them lying around) and try installing Windows XP on it, which would be useful to have as a “test” Windows installation.  :D

BTW, the godly laptop that allows USB hard disk booting is: Dell Precision M65.  ♥♥♥

Tags: freebsd, geek, hard disk, usb

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