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Back when teams have been grouped for the first round of this World Cup, people used to joke about the group G, which France, Switzerland, Korea and Togo were assigned to.  Since France is the strongest of the four by far, each of the other three would have to set up a strategy with one common vow: “It's unlikely that we will win against France, but we must draw in order to stand a chance to the second round!”, which, if happened three times, would mean only 3 points for France, dropping France out much to its WTFOTL and our WTFLOL.

Switzerland had drawn against France earlier last week; Korea drew against France just now.

France might in fact go WTFOTL if Togo actually meets its vow.  Kekekeke.


Actually they say MDR in French - "mort de rire"
i was in a bar last night watching japan not win vs croatia. it was a very frustrating game.
i still like how the only way US had a draw with Italy was because of the accidental kick by the Italian scoring for the US. i wonder how much crap he got for that after that game. wahahahaha...

as for korea, i was getting irritated that they were doing slide kicks too much, especially the goalie... but at least it ended up a draw. =D
France got robbed anyway. That shot that the goalkeeper knocked off the goal line was clearly in the net.