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マリモの物語 (The Story of Marimo)

マリモの物語 (The Story of Marimo)

From the movie All About My Dog (犬の映画; inu no eiga)

Say, Marimo

Say, Marimo, why is it

“Shall we say hi?”

When we first met, you looked so tiny

Almost as if you would crumble

You looked much younger than me

Like a crybaby

You were much younger than me

Just a coquettish baby

You were born long after I was

So why

Why do you

Why do you have to get older than me

Say, why did you

Why did you have to be so mischievous

Why did you maul clothes so badly

Why did you hide my shoe

Why do you have to run ahead of me

Wait, Marimo

Why do you hurry so much

Why do you become a mom before I do

I'm still a kid

And I don't know anything

Don't know anything

Don't know anything

Wanted to know a bit more about you

So why do you have to

Why do you have to become a granny before I do

Why do you have to










Why did I keep a dog

Why did I say I wanted to have a dog


'Cause my heart is

Aching as if it would tear up

You're bad, Marimo

I hate you, Marimo

I wish

I wish I had

I wish I had no puppy to begin with…


Watch out

Well, Mika

Don't be so sad

'cause I have been

I have been so happy

'cause you have

Always been

Always been my big sis

Big sis whom I can trust

I'm sorry for playing the baby all the time

Sorry for being so mischievous

For hiding your red shoe…

… which was the most precious treasure of mine, by the way

I was happy you walked me every day

“Wait, Marimo!”

And when I became a mom

You were even more cheerful than me

“I'm so happy, I'm so happy!”

So happy even to tears

“They're so cute~!”

Gave them cute names too, Ringo and Momo
And I was happy to see you happy

You taught me names of flowers

“Marimo, this is called ocean”

Showed me the ocean…


… which excited me so much I got lost, by the way

“Wanna eat?”

It looked so tasty

You chased bees away too

You were so awesome


“It's time for dinner~”

I'm sorry you just bought it

There's still a lot left…

In fact, there was this place I wanted to be again

The ocean

I like it because it has your scent

So you know, Mika

Although I cannot

Cannot talk to you

But if I ever could, then

You know

You know

You know

You know

You know

You know

You know

You know

Well, it's embarrassing a bit

But you know, Mika

Thank you for loving me…

You know



I want to have a dog again…

Translation copyright © 2006 Eugene M. Kim.
Images taken from

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