The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

I escaped from the Dungeon of Lil B3e!

I killed Sillyshuichi the floating eye, Kanojo the arch-demon, Pyronikari the gelatinous cube, Iamjebus the giant spider, Iamjenniebean the zombie, Maplesyrup the arch-demon, Bradical the owlbear, Kay0ss the giant spider, Thedcb the gelatinous cube, Mairu the troll, D2rampage the minotaur, Kennywood the kobold, Oxsmil3ang3lxo the leprechaun, Vhg the orc, Zexenshad the leprechaun, Jadepearli the owlbear, Nado the rat, Cashew Nougat the gelatinous cube, Paww the orc, Calmkakashi the rat, Kainzero the gelatinous cube, Buttafoco the arch-demon, Theorochi the goblin, Dramafreak121 the zombie, Ferrari Iidx the giant spider, Aniheartsyou the goblin, J Mm R the owlbear and Happysky the fire elemental.

I looted the Crown of Super7, the Dagger of Striderhanzo, the Shield of Chynoi, the Sword of Animals, the Amulet of Ddrmel, the Sword of Nicoletbn, the Wand of Dingyu, the Sword of Asianess, the Wand of M-flo, the Sword of Jossle It Up, the Amulet of Badjuice, a Figurine of a Jay85, the Armour of Usher, the Wand of Hypnotikz, the Amulet of Sexwithmonkeys and 739 gold pieces.

Score: 939

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I made sure there wasn't anything left in the dungeon.  XD

Tags: meme

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