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So I came back from a trip to Palm Springs this afternoon, felt thirsty, brought out a bottle of Red Stripe (the Jamaican lager that nobody seems to love ;_;), drank it and was about to fetch a second bottle when I read on DDR Freak that SVGL/MGL had DDR:SN.  And I couldn't drive for another hour or so!  _---_;;;

But eventually I sobered up and drove to MGL, and lo, there were 9823751623781312 tokens on the machine!  XD  During the whole night (from 7:30pm when I got there till 10pm when they closed) I got to play exactly one (1) game.  XD

Plan tomorrow: Get up at 7am, take a shower and be at MGL at 9am when they open, hog the machine to myself (hopefully, with no one else around XD) until 9:30 and head out to work.  (!!!)

Tags: ddr

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