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B-Day Summary

  • Went to Mom's place for a brunch.  Extra rare steak is yummy.
  • Went to see the San Francisco Symphony performing Lord of the Rings the Symphony with Mom.  Seemed she enjoyed it more than I did, thanks to her getting absorbed into the Tolkienworld and watching each of the three chapters more than 5 times this month.  (She can be hardcore like that when she needs to.  ♥)
  • Came back to Mountain View and had Tung Kee noodles.  It's a Korean thing to have noodles on birthday.
  • Dropped Mom at her place, and went back home to change clothes.  (Reminder to self: I need to do laundry.)
  • Arrived at MGL around 9pm, only to find the SuperNOVA was down; no surprise there, though.  ;(
  • Random folks kept showing up, like A-Jay, BJ, Brad, Brian et al.
  • Everyone got disappointed at SuperNOVA.  Again, no surprise.  XD
  • All headed out to SVGL around 10:30pm.
  • Arrived at SVGL to find that only 3 tokens/cards were on SuperNOVA.  ♥
  • The card line quickly grew to 12 (!) or so as everyone poured in.
  • JC and Kristel showed up too.  Everyone, please direct congrats to them BTW; they are moving out to their own place!  :D
  • Saw hella people FSing on SuperNOVA.  ♥
  • Saw/helped Ray enter “HARD GAY” as his name on SuperNOVA.  XD
  • Also noticed that SVGL's Megatouch was indeed configured the way it should be: 1 token/game!
  • The aforementioned Megatouch nearly drained my token barrel.
  • Then it was finished by a game of ITG2 (boo for non-doubles-premium-ness).
  • The ITG2 game consisted of one (1) round -_-, Reactor on Expert.  The notoriously convex platform totally confused and fucked me up during the final run.  SVGL needs to rebalance the platform.  _-_
  • Despite its sign that said it closes at midnight on Saturday, SVGL was being its good self and open until 12:40am.  ♥
  • Everyone headed out back to Milpitas, for some Q-Cupness.
  • Arrived at Q-Cup well before everyone else (yay for knowing shortcuts), got bored, turned on my laptop and saw there was a, uh, free WiFi network to hop onto!  XD
  • Got myself a chicken combo, then found that the cup lid now bore random cute animals (rabbit, mouse, horse…) instead of the Q-Cup logo.  ♥
  • Had an awesome time talking to A-Jay, Brad, Ray and others.
  • Totally forgot to take the usual group shot in front of Q-Cup.  Boo.
  • Came back home, and saw Aaron, Bryant and Cynan (wow, ABC! XD) playing random games in the kitchen.
  • It was good to see everyone loving Pepsiman.  XD
  • It was even better to see everyone going WTFROFL at Vib Ribbon.  XD XD
  • Fell asleep, then got up about an hour ago.  Yeah, gonna go do laundry and clean my room….

(Wow, this is the first “So what did I do yesterday?”-type of post I made in a long time.  XD)

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