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Done Reorganizing IM Buddy Lists

One person (two SNs) made it from “Acquaintances” to “Friends”; three people in the opposite direction; two people (4 SNs) plus countless inactive/archaic SNs have been removed.  :D

Stats over my 8 always-on SNs, counting duplicates: 34 SNs in “Friends,” 114 in “Acquaintances,” and 83 in various groups that are probably not meaningful to any of the readers of my LJ.



Where did I go? :)

In an own group named “Sexy.”  LOL j/k.

I'm always curious where I fall in people's lists.

Actually, I don't even know if you know my AIM sn! :)
I really need to clean my IM list. AIM is always giving me a hard time over it. >_
Geek! Dork! Nerd! XD!!

I think you're under "OG DDRers" on my list because I didn't "Meet You In Antioch" nor are you a "Family" member. =P
You're under my People I like to talk to list XD

I have that a, People to Ignore, Old School (HS friends and Middle School friends), Net, and ... DDR and Anime :P

It's nice to know you're not ignored ne? :P
BAH that was in response to the LJ post not you Mayene :X I don't even have your sn ... >_>
LOL I figured, because I was like...
1. who's superbread? *stalk LJ* ah, Kim!
2. I haven't talked to you?
3. Yeah I don't have your sn either =P