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Dear black Mazda driver who was behind me on the 101 on-ramp at Embarcadero Road in Palo Alto,

No matter how many times you flash and flip me off, I'm not gonna merge left so soon you can pass me on the right.  You know that's illegal, right?  XD

Moreover, it was such a pleasure to see you pissed off by your own short temper.  You know, you could've just relaxed and gave up passing two or three cars at most, instead of inflicting an adrenaline rush on yourself!  Oh well, I must thank you for giving a moment of Schadenfreude.  XD

Sincerely t(^^t),


hahahahaha awesome!
I don't understand why drivers are such idiots.

I'm often amused at the prospect of some guy complaining about gas prices and then blowing his own mileage to hell by trying to maintain 90 on the freeways. :)
that was me god fucking dammit