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My Place Sucks

There was this promo mail from SBC/AT&T in my inbox today, advertising $28/mo DSL service for 6Mbps down/600k up….

I called SBC, and after half an hour of holding and department ping-pongs, they told me that my place doesn't qualify for the service; in fact, 1.5Mbps was the maximum possible.


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You'll have to get with me about my joys with getting 3Mbps/384K out here with Bellsouth... Told my service should be active but then support asks me if I hear the static on the line which of course I don't... Long story short, they never had the DSL hooked up to my line and the static was the modem trying to communicate with the DSLAM. Guess someone was knocking but no one was home at Bellsouth... Incidently it's only $37.95/mo... But I've had my share of dept ping-pong with them...