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Pet Peeve of the Day / PSA

Dear “Get the fuck out of my LJ”-sayers,

There is a rule, and it says “Your LiveJournal is a public journal by default.”  If you want your LJ to be a private space (like you do), by all means make it friends-only; until then, shut the fuck up and suck it up that strangers may eventually stumble upon your LJ, leave comments, or initiate various forms of relationship with your “friends” without you in between them.

You see, there's this thing called “free will.”  It's not just you that have it.  Your friends do.  Strangers do too.  So stop thinking strangers invade your “privacy” if they start talking to each other through your LJ.  They do not require your authorization to do so.  Just suck it up, and STFU.  Or make your LJ friends-only.  Worried the “OMG this journal is friends-only, ask me to add you” post would make you look uncool?  Suck it up too, because that's a price you have to pay.

Just remember, whining about such things only makes you a tantrum-throwing crybaby.

Hope this helps (you grow up),

P.S.  *sigh* This is what I get for deciding to try the “Latest Posts” ] feature on the front page, which, given the vast number of LJ users, essentially serves as a “Jump to a random LJ” feature.


Did you post a comment on someone's random LJ? I mean I think that's totally fine but did someone that you came across complain?
No, I just read some posts throwing tantrums and bitching about how they hate strangers keep stumbling onto their journal, leaving comments, and so on.
This is the way I see it - you know how in RPGs you can barge into anyone's house and look at their stuff and open their treasure chests and talk to them? They almost always don't mind!

If you're not one of those people in this giant RPG town, program the door so a dialog box pops up with "Alas, yonder door is locketh!"
*thumbs up*

I loved this comment. It made my day~
Hahaha, but sometimes the characters in the RPGs are mean and run over and say "HEY! Don't touch that!" or "HEY! Don't look in there!"

Nonetheless, that was great and you are right. =D
You are all nerds and you know it.  XD
This is what I get for deciding to try the “Latest Posts” feature on the front page

Serves you right.
I hate you. ^_;
Good to be back. :P
Whoa. What the hell? People say that type of things on LJ? Usually, things like that would only occur on public forums and myspace.

I do agree. It looks unprofessional for someone to say "stay out of my LJ." It was better NOT posted in the first place than to have someone barge in the LJ...or like mentioned have some restrictions on the post itself to priveledged users.

Then again, if people start saying that "Person A is sleeping with Person B", spread rumors about people, or anything that's none of their business to begin with on their own LJ (public entry) rather than Person A or B posting it about themselves, then that's a different story.
I agree, that's a big personal conflict I have.

I like to be a completely open person, who doesn't keep any secrets about myself and is very honest with others... but then people start telling me their secrets, or get me involved in things that focus around others... and all of a sudden, I can't even talk about myself anymore.

It's really hard to balance being honest with being sincere...
Seems that people forgot one of the basic rules of using their 'puters:


I believe it said that your LJ would be public by default when you signed up. Maybe if LiveJournal had one of those obnoxious and unavoidable tutorials like every RPG has had since Final Fantasy VII, people would get it. You know, the ones with a stupid-looking mascot saying, "Hi, my name is STFU the Moogle, and I'm going to teach you the basic of LiveJournal XII! Press this link to begin your magical journey...Go ahead and try it! It's fun! I promise!"
You know what'd provide an ultimate form of entertainment?  Someone trying to sue Six Apart, alleging that the company misled its customers by having “journal” in the name of the service, while the entries are public by default.

… Come to think of it, this sounds much like a successful Stella Award candidate… *shudders* _-_
Well, isn't it that journals are just open books with lined pages while a diary is the one with a lock and key to it? If this was called LiveDiary, then maybe things would be different. =P

http://unabridged.m-w.com/cgi-bin/unabridged?va=journal says:

Main Entry: 1jour·nal
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): -s
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from journal, adjective, daily, from Latin diurnalis, from diurnus of the day, daily (from dies day + -urnus, as in nocturnus nocturnal) + -alis -al -- more at DEITY, NOCTURNAL

1 a : a usually daily record of a journey b : a record of current transactions usually kept daily or regularly: as (1) : DAYBOOK 2 (2) : a book of original entry in double-entry bookkeeping either for recording transactions of a particular class (as sales or cash transactions) or for recording transactions not cared for in specialized books c : an account of usually day-to-day events written down regularly or as they occur or presented as if written down in this way d : a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use e : a record of transactions kept by a deliberative body or an assembly; specifically : the record of daily proceedings of a legislative body kept by the clerk f : LOGBOOK, LOG

: )

But yes, diary refers more specifically to a private journal, so things would look much uglier if LJ were called LiveDiary indeed.  : )
Doug always wrote "Dear Journal," because he knew that some day he'd upgrade to a LiveJournal.

(sorry, that's a Nickelodeon joke...)