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Random Facts

Hammer curl = ♥.

Apple-flavored Hyphy juice = ♥.

Passing Paranoia Respect on double expert for once = ♥.


U haven't passed Paranoia Respect on doubles before?...and I thought u were a much better doubles player than me. =P
LOL I haven't tried the new 10-footers until recently.  XD
It's not just apple... it's GRAPPLE!

And I saw you beat Para-Respect! I AM A WITNESS! \o/
Grapples are good. Though I wouldn't mind trying one a bit more fresh...
Apple anything juices are awesome.
I haven't even seen ParaRespect on Doubles Expert. I'm too scared too. I have beaten MAX300 Heavy Doubles as my hardest, but that was years back :/.
I saw Hyphy @ Bonfare I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT......???????