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Free Internet!

So I was at Mom's place the other day to set up wireless access for her (she lives in Mountain View, yay Google Wireless).  It turned out that the signal was too weak and that we had to purchase something called a wifi modem (which I believe is a signal booster), and the local vendor which sold those in Mountain View was apparently enjoying the launch of Google Wireless, indicated by the price tag of those modems.  -_-

As we were grumbling and about to pull our credit card, an idea came to me: This is an apartment, so there may be some apartment-wide wireless access….  So I went back to the Wireless Networks window and hit “Refresh the network list” button…:

  • default
  • netgear
  • dlink

… were unsecured wireless network SSIDs found instantly….  XD

… Mom and I are happy, as we have something to replace her 56k until the price of wifi modem drops.  One's laziness is another's joy….  XD XD XD


At my school they have this big bulletin board explaining how stealing wifi is illegal. Like that's going to stop people from doing it anyway? People need to learn how to use their hardware.
What? No network labeled "linksys (unsecured)" in that list?