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Driving back from Mel's place to drop Adam (Tequila) off last night, I felt sleepy, so I tuned into a random radio station.

Some sort of rap filled the car.  Then, while concentrating on the lyrics (in order to stay awake), I realized this was indeed of a genre called “hyphy.”

I felt like crying as I switched to the good ol' 102.1 KDFC in order to purify my ears.  Hyphy the drink = good; hyphy the genre ≠ good.

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NOW you understand my disdain for damn-near anything associated with hyphy? =P
It's all in what your taste is. I like most of the music associated with "hyphy".

Let's clear up the list right now...

The Team, Keak Da Sneak(on SOME songs), E-40, The Pack, Turf Talk, and Federation(SOME songs)=good Hyphy.

Much of what else exists=BAAAD Hyphy.

Re: Let's clear up the list right now...

Thanks for the list :D
I'm going to get a hamster when I grow up. I'll name is Hyphy. Then you can add to your list: Hyphy the hamster = good.