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Crash recovery mode.

P.S.  If what I am suspecting to have happened happened in fact, I am so going to rip a voodoo doll named United States Postal Service into bits and pieces.

P.P.S.  Incident confirmed.  Dear USPS, you just lost a valuable customer to other couriers.  FedEx, UPS, DHL, although they are all expensive, they never failed me like you did.  kthxbye.


Something break in transit?

Something completely lost in transit.

Hope it was insured...

Insurance does not cover lost time and opportunity.  That's what I'm furious over.

FedEx? Tom Hanks will get it there on time.

Yeah, that's what I'm gonna use this time.

*hug* I am so sorry~ T_T I completely sympathize with you~
I once lost all of my books and CDs when I shipped them to myself via USPS.

Then they wouldn't pay insurance, or look for the items.

Yes, I have felt your pain. And I do not use them any more either.


Eric, how are your Wheel of Time books? ;) "Your uncle..." LOL
The wheel of time books are great, and thank you very much. ^_^

I don't check my personal email enough, apparently. o_O