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Crash recovery mode.

P.S.  If what I am suspecting to have happened happened in fact, I am so going to rip a voodoo doll named United States Postal Service into bits and pieces.

P.P.S.  Incident confirmed.  Dear USPS, you just lost a valuable customer to other couriers.  FedEx, UPS, DHL, although they are all expensive, they never failed me like you did.  kthxbye.


I once lost all of my books and CDs when I shipped them to myself via USPS.

Then they wouldn't pay insurance, or look for the items.

Yes, I have felt your pain. And I do not use them any more either.


Eric, how are your Wheel of Time books? ;) "Your uncle..." LOL
The wheel of time books are great, and thank you very much. ^_^

I don't check my personal email enough, apparently. o_O