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Heading Out of Work So I Gotta Be Quick, But…

… Shure E5c = ♥

That's right.  I fell slave to Shure's glory in the high-end earbud market.  And I'm proud of my slavery.  XD ♥♥♥♥♥


Damn expensive ~_~.
Of course I didn't pay the full MSRP; in fact, it was a private deal.  ♥
... really?

I assume by all of the <3s that you really like them, and your ears are probably far better than mine. I've just never been able to use earbuds, because they don't sound as good as, say, decent studio monitors. But I do look kind of dorky wearing big-ole headphones all over.

Do they sound as good? Or is it "they sound really good for earbuds"?
They are never as good as studio monitors (speakers).  However, they're pretty damn close to the quality of studio monitor headphones.
Well, at least, IMO they are far better than "rock bottom" studio monitors (Yamaha NS10s come to mind).
Are they comfortable? I've always wondered what a couple hundred dollar earbud headphone would feel like.
Depends on the adapter; the triple flange one's the most comfortable one, but I may be biased here 'cause I have been using triple-flange earplugs for quite some time now.