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Uploaded to Yahoo! Korea about an year ago, by some cowardly fuck who used a temporary account.  The young kitten—as you can obviously tell from its body proportion and, more importantly, its innocent gaze—was first soaked in lighter oil, then ablazed.  The “execution” took less than 2 minutes (indicated by the timestamp on the pictures).

I'm not sure who I want to kill first: That motherfucker who nailed stray cats (I posted about it about an year ago too), or this motherfucker.



You know, I don't think you should even link these. If anyone wants to see them, they should just go and find it themselves. I know it was friend-cut and all, but it's just like linking to it...
....dude, that's terrible.
Yeah, that picture frequents 4chan.org from time to time. It's fucked up.

Every time I see that picture I think of my two cats and wish I knew who did this and many other animal cruelty atrocities.

It's been said, and burning the cat isn't funny.....

Not Even Doom Music.....maybe they'll catch the guy and set him on fire?
alright, this is seriously fucked up. I know I have just read that this example of cruelty has been up on the internet for a while, but this is my first time ever seeing this example of cruelty (no, I am not saying that I have seen other examples of animal cruelty), but why would people come to this level. seriously, what did this animal do to you? I don't understand why people think it is "funny" or "amusing" to do things like this to animals or even to other people. all in all, this is really fucked up. In addition, to have the fucking balls to post it on a website where everyone can see it is even more messed up, there are still a lot of "loop-holes" in the internet today, I really hope that no one with mental problems or even a child saw this becuase that would really stir things up. I hope they find that mother fucker who thought it would be "cool" to be cruel to a defenseless animal...