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eComix, one of the largest (and greatest) on-line Korean manhwa/manga services, opened NETCOMICS ], the U.S. version of the service.

New volumes are added monthly, including well-known-and-appreciated classics such as Narration of Love at 17 17세의 나레이션 ] and In the Starlight 별빛속에 ], my favorites by the author Kyungok Kang 강경옥.  I just read the first two volumes of NoLa17, to find out that they did an awesome job in translating.  I seriously hope they keep the same quality for other titles as well.

The fee is $.25 per chapter per 48 hours.  Number of chapters per volume varies, usually 4-5.  They accept all major credit/debit cards.

Certain titles available here are also available in paperback on Amazon, published by the same company (NETCOMICS).

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