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… from Kolea!  XD

I'm having loads of fun here.  Exhibit 1: I'm posting this from an arcade full of BEMANI games and other good stuff (think of GF/DM V2 and IIDX Distorted 20 feet apart from each other.  Ahhhhh.  *changes b0x0rs*  Edit: Oh yeah, and a PnM FEVER!  Yes, you read that right.  FEVERRRRRRRRRRR).

Mayene:  No, I won't be able jack that K-pop hottie for you….  Exhibit 2: The backpack I wear every day, which has a powerhouse laptop (read: 5lbs) and assorted accessories for it, a super-heavy DSLR, 3 lenses, and an inch-and-a-half-thick book.  Yeah, maybe next time?  XDD

I'll be here until 22nd, so if you guys want anything (under 10lbs) from this godly country, let me know before it's too late.  XD


Booooo! Oh well, it's ok. XD
Clicking on the Location for this post takes us to a very interesting place...
I don't think Kolea invented Freedom Fries.
..wait, there's an arcade with Bemani in Korea? I could never find one while I was there. Where is this???
It's right across the street from Galleria Dept Store in Apgujeong-dong.  I'll post a detailed direction when I have some more time (I'm right now at an internet kiosk, so gotta make this short).

1. Get off the subway line #3 (orange) at Apgujeong station.
2. Take the exit #2.
3. Take a bus (there are plenty of them) that goes to Galleria Dept. Store (갤러리아백화점).
4. Get off the bus at 갤러리아백화점; it should be the second stop, right after the “파출소앞” stop.
5. Walk towards the 갤러리아백화점 intersection, then walk into the alley on your right, right before the intersection.
6. 조이플라자 is on your right, about 150ft into the alley.  Look for a crane game at the entrance.  The arcade is on the second floor.

Rhythm games there: IIDX Distorted, DM/GF V2, DM V, DDR Extreme (soon to be upgraded to SuperNOVA), PnM FEVER, another PnM (forgot the version), KBM3 (being repaired now), 3 EZ2DJs (4th trax, 6th trax, and another old version that I forgot).
Good to hear you are having a FUN!

I've never tried korean SWEETS or CANDIES, if you could hook a brotha up with the highest quality in korean happiness, that would be most awesome (And maybe a Bemani e-amuse card? IF POSSIBLE?) THANKS XD.
word on the street is chocopies are the pwnz
Are you drunk?

Anyhow, seems like you're having a good time in Korea. =D
Hehe, not really.  I got drunk last night for the first time in Korea on this trip.  Dongdongju = ♥♥♥♥