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Did anyone watch the Christmas carol program on KQED-HD just now?

Did you catch that arrangement of The First Nowell?  That was definitely the most beautiful rendition of the song I have ever heard in my entire life.  Mind you, the melody of The First Nowell is so repetitive and monotonous it can quickly become boring when mis-arranged.  Gotta look up who arranged the piece….  I wonder if there's a list of songs that played in the program on the PBS website.

Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone!  ^^//


Just so you know, it's "Noël" -- evidently, that's what it gets called in French. :)
That's what I thought too, when I saw Nowell on the screen.  Apparently both spellings are accepted: http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_First_Nowell